Cooking Workshop

$180 + taxes (minimum 2 guests)

In this class, we will cover the following:

  • Knife skills lesson
  • How to select, store, chop, and cook with fresh herbs
  • How to make homemade vinaigrettes with local citrus
  • The art of a seasonal salad (without needing a recipe)
  • Tips, tools, and recipes or reducing food waste

Duration: 3 – 4 hours
Operates: Every day previous booking
Included: Cookware, ingredients, recipes and transportation
Offered in: English and Spanish
Location: On-site & Farmer’s Market


About your experience

Join our Chef for a farmers’ market tour in Naranjito and a hands-on cooking class at Hacienda La Danesa! We will begin at a small town close to the farm and walk one block to the indigenous market, where we will meet local farmers and you’ll learn how to shop for the best local produce. After strolling the market, we drive back to Hacienda La Danesa for a laid back + hands-on cooking class, where you’ll hone your knife skills and create a beautiful, seasonal dish inspired by our farmers’ market bounty.

The class begins at your desired time. There will be Ecuadorean wine to enjoy while we whip up delicious seasonal salad and herb butters with local produce that we picked up during our stroll through the farmers’ market. Your rate includes all ingredients, materials and a bottle of house wine.

Most food allergies/preferences can be accommodated. Email reservas@haciendaladanesa.com if you have any dietary restrictions or questions.